How and where do I return my rental?

We know you have other things to worry about after your event. That is why we made returns super easy!

  1. Pack everything in the original delivery box. Make sure to return everything in your box, including hangers, garment bags, and any replacements. If you no longer have the box, any box will do to send the rental back 
  2. Peel off the shipping label to reveal the prepaid return label underneath.
  3. Send your garment back via UPS. No later than 3 days after your event.

Important details:

  • You cannot return your order outside the 48 contiguous states or use a dropbox. Both of these could cause your rental to be lost, stolen, or delayed in returning to our warehouses.
    • If your event is outside of the 48 contiguous states, have someone else return your items that are heading back. As long as all items are returned, it doesn't matter who returns them.
  • If you return any items with another event participant, please let us know to avoid late charges. Otherwise, we’ll use your return label status to confirm you’ve sent your items back.
  • If you cannot return your items within three days due to travel or other circumstances, you can request an extension here.
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