I received my order and it doesn't fit—can I book an appointment to be re-fitted?

We strongly recommend you utilize our self-service portals online before booking an additional appointment for refitting at a showroom.

If the length is off on the pants or jacket sleeves, you are welcome to visit a local tailor or dry cleaner to have the garments adjusted to your desired length (without cutting the fabric). See Can I tailor my rental? for rules on tailoring. 

If it isn’t perfect (beyond the length of the jacket sleeves or pants), the fastest way to fix your fit issues is by filling out the replacement form. Once you tell us the item and what is wrong with it, we will generate a new size/fit and send you the item. If you are still unclear on the fit, send us some photos and one of our customer care agents can direct on the best size. This can all be done from the comfort of your home.

If you have any other fit questions, please contact us here.

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