How do I book a showroom appointment?

  1. From our homepage, select Showrooms from the menu options at the top of the page.
  2. The location closest to you should display first. If you are looking for alternative locations, enter your zip code to find a store near you or scroll to the bottom of the page to search by state.
  3. Confirm the location you selected and click "Book Appointment" or “Book Now”.
  4. If you have not yet logged in or have not yet created an account, you will be asked to do so before completing your appointment request at any of our locations. An account is needed to update your formal wear sizes and also allows us to reach out to you for any appointment-related changes. 
  5. Select the type of appointment by role.  This helps us determine the duration of your appointment at our stand-alone showroom or Nordstrom.
  6. Select your preferred date and time from our list of available schedules. If the schedules do not show, that means that there are no appointments available for your role on that day and you need to select another day on the calendar. 
  7. Review the information for your appointment on the confirmation page and select ‘Book Appointment’ or ‘Confirm & Book Appointment’.

Once booked, you will receive an email confirming the day, time, duration, and location of your appointment. 

Running late?

If you are running up to 10 minutes late for your appointment, please contact us so we can note it on your appointment. If you will be longer than 10 minutes late, please reschedule your appointment.

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