How can I update something in my event?

This depends on your order status and the changes you need to make.

Before checkout:

  1. Access ‘My Events’.
  2. Select the event that you need to edit.
  3. Select your event date at the top right to open the side panel.
  4. From here you can update a look, add or remove participants, choose to pay for someone's entire look, update your event date, or change the name of your event.

After checkout:

  • Update your size (must be over at least 30 days before to your event)
    1. Access ‘My Sizes’.
    2. Select ‘Edit’ under the size you need to update.
    3. Select ‘Save’.
  • Add items
    1. Access the order through 'My Event'.
    2. Select 'Add Items'.
    3. Select the category for the item (e.g., accessories).
    4. Find and add the item to your cart.
    5. Checkout.
      • You will receive an emailed receipt and see the items added to your order.
  • Remove items
    1. Access the order through 'My Event'.
    2. Select “Remove items”
    3. Select the items you want to remove
    4. Submit your request.
      • A Customer Experience Associate will be in contact to process your request.
  • Manage Participants
  • Update shipping address
    1. Access the order in ‘My Events’.
    2. Select 'Edit' next to your shipping address.
    3. Update your delivery details.
    4. Select 'Save Changes'.
    5. Confirm your 'USPS Verified Address'.
      • We recommend using the USPS Verified Address to help ensure your items will be delivered to the correct location.
  • Change Event Date
  • Cancel Order

For any other order changes, please contact us and a member of our customer care team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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