I am a groom or event creator. How do I set all this up?

As the groom or event creator, you will be able to add participants, choose looks or outfits, and invite them to enter their sizes and complete checkout.


First, you’ll need an event. If you have not created a new event yet, go to theblacktux.com and click 'Get Started'.




Next, you’ll select your look(s) or outfit(s). You can select from our Suits and Tuxedos or our Complete Outfits. When you find one you like, select Rent or Buy and add it to your event. It will be saved in the side panel. Click the event date in the top right to look at all of the looks you have created.


3. After you have your look, select ‘Add a New Look’ in the panel and you can create one for other members of your party—groomsmen, your father, your partner’s father, your cousin, ushers, your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate, or whoever you would like. You can make sure they match (or don’t match) what you are wearing. Keep in mind, you can have more than one person wear a look. If you want your groomsmen to all wear the same thing, you will only need to create the look once.
  • If you are not wearing a look make sure to select the ‘No’ under the look in the panel.


Once you have all the looks for your event, at the bottom of the side panel you can enter the participants’ first and last names and emails, along with which look you want them to wear and if you want to pay for them.





Almost done! After everyone’s name and email have been added, you will continue to check out. Whether you are renting or buying from us or not, you will still need to enter your sizes and complete checkout. Once you’ve completed checkout, we’ll send an email to all of the participants instructing them to log in and create an account.


Please encourage your participants to complete checkout when they receive the invite—their looks are not reserved until they each finish this step. You can learn more about the process for your participants here

After you have completed checkout, you can go back to your account and ‘My Events’ to the event you completed checkout for. You can see what your participants have done--created an account, entered sizes, completed checkout, resend the welcome email, change their email address, etc. Learn more about the status tracker here.


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